Virtual Network Element,Inc. is building control plane virtual network functions (VNFs) that go in service provider, data center and in enterprise networks. We are architecting the monolithic networking stack from re-usable micro services and a patent (pending) meta data approach to generate the service logic from the visual call flows.

Our framework is built on micro services, meta data driven logic and Finite State Machine(FSM) for user’s transactions. Our FSM implementation gives us the leverage to make the stateful network services into stateless horizontally scaled, fault tolerant, across the data center operating stacks like Openstack, Mesosphere and others. Our services can be deployed on any of the DCOS and scale horizontally.

Diameter Routing Agent/Edge Agent /Signaling Controller from can adapt to any Diameter Interface in a Service Provider Network. Our DSC can interface with multiple network elements and can act as a Routing Agent/Proxy to the SP core network. It can also do Subscriber Look up Function (SLF) based on pre-defined routing or it can get the information  Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.45.12 AM

from HSS.

SDN Controller is built on our micro-services framework that is built on Intel DPDK technology, Redis, Clojure, Graphite and Grafana.